Nora – Foster Home Needed



Nora is a complete love! She is a gentle girl who loves cuddling, children (ages 12 or up or younger kids who know how to be gentle with a dog), all people..and did we mention cuddling!

Nora is a beautiful girl who was rescued from Coalinga along with her ELEVEN pups, the last day that their gas chamber was in use before being dismantled. Gas Chambers were phased out in CA for being inhumane, yet it was discovered that one was still in use at the small shelter, where not many animals made it out after finding themselves there. The SFSPCA stepped in and removed the terrible chamber. Nora and her tiny babies were among those that had been slated to be killed, and they did not want to leave them behind given that they would still be put to sleep. They reached out to us to see if we might be able to help, and the whole family was relocated to our sanctuary where we raised the pups until they all found wonderful and loving homes. Now it is Nora’s turn!

Nora was very thin when she came to us, but despite this would let her pups climb in her bowl no mater how hungry she was. She is a gentle and sweet girl, that did an amazing job of raising her VERY large brood of babies! She is a quiet girl, who is not reactive towards other dogs when passing . She can however be stiff when meeting them, especially if they come on too strong so would likely be more comfortable as an only dog that did not have to visit dog parks.

She is a lovely dog that was spared a terrible fate, and we are looking forward to her having many wonderful years ahead in a loving home!

If you are interested in fostering Nora please contact us at the email below: