Why Donate

As you may know adoption fees only reimburse spay/neuter costs, surgeries and vaccinations. We also offer sliding scale fees for great adopters such as the elderly and veterans.

This is what we would do with your hard-earned, tax deductible dollars:

They will eat well, travel to vets in style, and their dog beds are kept hygienic. Literally every dollar that is donated helps our operating expenses. No amount is too small!


Boarding Cost $300 per dog per month. Often, we need to rescue several dogs at one time. Often they are in extremely high kill southern California facilities and will always need quarantine time. Hardly ever can we find competent foster homes within a month.

The upcoming holidays are brutal with many who are ‘owner surrendered’ and many who escaped in winter storms. Facilities kill daily, solely due to overcrowding. We can rescue more if we can trickle them into our system!


We ‘accidentally’ rescued a sweet young tan bully boy, teddy, who unbeknownst to us, has a corneal dermoid birth defect in one of his eyes, which is blind. We are not a ‘medical case’ rescue (who have a medical fund ready) but a ‘safetynet rescue’ (taking the ‘leftovers’ after others take the easily adoptable ones).

The pet emergency marin ophthalmologist gave us a $2000.00 verdict on removing the entire eye, to get him more comfortable the rest of his young life. He is the best boy ever and we are so glad we saved him!


Our new ‘dogshack’, a little shed and office is under construction! With cheap labor, along with used materials and groundscores we were able to start this year. We will put pictures up when we make progress during this next year, with your help!


Our personal toyota previa and our little honda hatchback, both bit the dust this year in the line of duty of transporting many, many dogs, all over the place. We are looking for funds to go shopping for a used vehicle again like a ford connect or honda hatchback. Something economical and suited for our purposes.