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This dog needs a short term foster home for a few weeks!

Angel – Please give me a home or foster me!

Angel frontLittle Fox dogAngel face1Little Chow Mix

Angel is the perfect family dog!  She is a lovely female Chow/ Kelpie mix who is about 3 years old and weighs about 35lbs. She has a pretty golden-red coat and is a great “go anywhere” size. She is a real darling, very affectionate, and super smart. She is alert, energetic, plays well with other dogs, and walks well on a leash. She is always so happy to be out and about with you that she turns and gives you smiles as you’re going along.  It’s like being with another person!

Angel is eager to have a home of her own, after being rescued from a SoCal shelter where she was supposed to be put down with her buddy Leo  - we couldn’t let that happen so we rescued them both. Leo has already been adopted and now Angel says it’s her turn! She will make a wonderful family addition. Due to her breed mix she needs a home with NO cats or small critters.

Please consider fostering or adopting this precious girl. Email: **Note: The Application Forms can be found at: Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back. Thank you for considering helping rescue a deserving shelter dog!!

Meet Molly – I need a new home or foster NOW!

Slender Pit Freedom PhotoFemale Pit (skinny) FreedomFemale Pit Black and WhiteSweet Pit Slender

Is this dog made of sugar or what?  Molly is about as sweet and pretty as they come.  She just melts into you when you spend time with her, holding your gaze and letting you know just how much she appreciates your attention. She is gentle, kind, intelligent and has wonderful, soulful eyes.  Molly is about 35lb and a great, manageable size. She walks very nicely on the leash, constantly checking in with you and making eye contact, and she gets on well with other dogs.  Molly just needs a home, some love  – and some feeding! She is so thin from her time in the high kill shelter she was rescued from.  If you are looking for a sweet, small pittie come and meet our lovely Molly.


**Note: The Application Forms can be found at:

Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back.

Thank you for considering to help rescue a deserving shelter dog!!

Misty – Needs a home or foster URGENTLY

Misty FreedomMisty ISmiling MistyMisty face and smile

Misty is a very beautiful pale grey and white Weimaraner/ Staffy/ lab mix. She is about 2 years old, 50 lbs and is a great, smallish lab size. She is young, playful and also mellow, she can be quiet yet she also likes to get a nice run in.  She relates to her human and connects.  Misty was rescued from an overcrowded shelter but even the busy staff there recognized what a special dog she was. They thought that with training she would make a great therapy or companion dog. We can see why. She is gentle, sensitive and highly intelligent.  She’s curious and interested in everything – especially the people happenings! She is good with other dogs and just a pleasure to have around. It is hard for such a sensitive, people oriented dog to be in boarding so we would really love to find this gentle girl a foster or forever home as soon as possible.


**Note: The Application Forms can be found at:

Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back.

Thank you for considering to help rescue a deserving shelter dog!!


Reggie – I need a home or foster NOW!

Little D (2)Reggie IIReggie


Reggie is one smart cookie. You may have heard some pit bull owners say, “It’s like having another person in the house”. They could have been talking about Reggie! You can actually see this dog figuring things out. He has a wonderful personality too, all big smiles, wags and a “so happy to meet you” dance that cheers us up every day.  Reggie is full of potential, he just needs someone who can give him the exercise and basic training he needs. He’ll learn fast and you will have a truly awesome dog. Reggie is about 2/3 years old and weighs about 55lbs. No cats please.

Reggie was recently in a temporary foster to help him overcome his shelter experience. They quickly fell in love with this sweet boy and here is what they had to say about him:

“Reggie is a great dog, that will make a loyal and friendly companion.  He is tons of fun and  loves to go on walks and hikes, and even enjoys a quick splash in the water.  He knows basic commands (sit, stay, and come). He’s extremely intelligent and eager to learn. He corrects well, and without much fuss. He is house trained and is fine hanging out in his kennel, sometimes heading in on his own in the afternoon and evening. We hope Reggie finds a permanent home soon because he is an awesome dog!”

If you are interested in Fostering or Adopting Reggie, please contact us ASAP and include your completed Adoption Application Form.


**Note: The Application Forms can be found at:

Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back.

Thank you for considering to help rescue a deserving shelter dog!!

Georgia – I need a new home or foster home URGENTLY!

Georgia Shelter PhotoGeorgia1

Georgia is an affectionate tan Boxer/Lab mix who is about 3 years old. She is a nice manageable size, and currently weighs about 40lbs. She is gentle, mellow in her crate, intelligent and has good manners. She loves to take leash walks and is very easy to walk, never pulling and often checking back to make sure you are enjoying yourself as much as she is!

This sweet slender girl is eager to have her own human to cuddle up and to play with her.

Georgia is just a lovely girl who clearly fell on hard times. She was recently rescued from a high kill shelter in Southern California and is understandably a little bit fearful and anxious sometimes from her recent stray days. Initially she can feel a bit uneasy and possibly be barky when meeting new dogs, but she redirects easily once she learns what is expected of her.

She loves ladies and is currently still a bit fearful of strange men, although she has very quickly taken to her male handlers who are gentle with her. She would do best with older children (probably over 12yrs old) since she can still get scared quite easily by loud noises or lots of activity going on around her. We are not sure how she would be around cats (not tested), but we think she may be fine with dog-savvy cats after proper introduction.

A person who has some experience with timid dogs will love to see this girl blossom, as she already has since we rescued her, even in a boarding environment. Initially a relatively mellow, low stimulus environment may be best for her.

Most of all she needs love and attention – but she will quickly fit in with family life and will not be a high maintenance dog.

She is a sweetheart that would make a wonderful new family member!

If you are interested in Fostering or Adopting Georgia, please contact us ASAP and include your completed Adoption Application Form.

Email: **Note: The Application Forms can be found at:

Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back.

Thank you for considering to help rescue a deserving shelter dog!!

Ben – Needs a foster or home ASAP!

DSC_6939Ben go bye byeDSC_6940

Ben is a big love of a dog. He’s about 2 years old and as gentle and sweet natured as they come. Maybe it’s that face, or his super soft fur, but there is something about Ben that just makes you want to hug him. And that’s fine with Ben because he loves everyone! He wants nothing more than to hang out and be part of whatever’s going on. He’s up for hikes and adventures but he can also chill and laze away the afternoon at your side. He walks nicely on the leash, is good with other dogs and is so willing to please he’ll be easy to train. He’d be a great dog for an active family. Ben was on death row in a Southern California shelter and just made it out in the nick of time.  Now we’d love to find this big-hearted guy a foster or forever home.  No cats for Ben please.

Please let us know if you would like to foster or adopt Ben – he’ll make a wonderful addition to your family or home.

Please contact us ASAP at: pets.katrina@gmail

**Please include a copy of your Application Form which can be found at:

**NOTE: Please copy/paste the form into your email and include your information and send back.

Thank you for considering to help us rescue another deserving shelter dog!

Courtesy Post – Sammy will die if not fostered/ adopted!

Sammy_male brindle lab shepx_Orange Cove shelter_close up front view_9-4-14Sammy_male brindle lab shepx_Orange Cove shelter_sitting front view_9-4-14



Sammy is a neutered male Lab/Shepherd mix that has a short dark chocolate/brindle coat. We think he is around 9 -10 months old. He definitely acts like he is still a fun goofy puppy.

Sammy is a wonderful, active, playful, happy, friendly pup! He is totally dog friendly and of course, people friendly! He would love to have a home of his own with an active family that is also willing to work on his basic training. Sammy is an exuberant pup and would likely do well with a doggie playmate that is also playful. If it sounds like that home could be with you, then what a terrific addition to your family Sammy would be!!

Check out Sammy’s YouTube video to see this cute, fun-loving goofy pup:

Sadly Sammy is currently on Death Row at a small over-crowded rural shelter near Fresno, Ca because they are at capacity and must open up more space. The shelter staff say Sammy is an awesome dog, so they are reaching out to the rescue community to try to find someone to help save him. We would love to help Sammy but we need a suitable foster home or adopter for him, to be able to rescue him. Transport can be arranged for an approved foster/adopter in the Norcal area.


If you are interested in opening your heart and home to foster or adopt Sammy, please contact us ASAP by emailing:

Please include your contact telephone number and Application Form which is the next step in the process and can be found at:

NOTE: Please copy/paste the form into your email and add your information and email it back.

Thank you for considering to help save a deserving shelter dog!!






Gordy – needs a home and sponsorship!

Gordy PlayingGordy IIGordyGordy  Gordy before very scared at the shelter and in a crate bound for better things ahead.


Gordy arrived at Dog Shack from a high kill Socal shelter with some significant fear-based behavior issues. He obviously has had a tough past life, possibly used as a bait dog and then abandoned/dumped. He has been going through some private rehab and training and is continuing to make some slow progress. He will now interact with the people doing his rehab, is acting more relaxed when out in the play yard (tail up etc), and has been gradually introduced to a female dog. However, it will likely be a slow road for Gordy to overcome his past and be able to eventually join a home/family.

Although the time in rehab is helping, it is very expensive and unfortunately Dog Shack does not have the funds to continue it indefinitely.

It is good to see Gordy is healthy, happier now, and gaining confidence. It is a challenging situation, knowing we want to help him but what we can do is still limited, costly and slow progress – and even more heartbreaking knowing that this is not Gordy’s fault. Humans obviously treated him very badly in the past. We still can’t tell what the future will hold for Gordy, but we just hope and pray for the best…

Likely when Gordy is ready to go to a home, he will need someone who is pit savvy and has a lot of patience, understanding and love to give. We expect he will need a home in a more rural setting, as he will not be a dog that is suitable for an urban lifestyle/environment.



Please send us an email to It is best to contact us via email first as the Dog Shack is run on a volunteer basis. Our number as a reference is: 415-457-4544

Hayley – Needs a Home/ Foster!

Hayley with toy in living roomHayley on backHayley fast lookingPretty HayleyHayley Behind BarsHayley getting loved on

Update from temporary foster mom:  I am getting sad that I’ll have to return Hayley tomorrow as I have go back to work. The top three photos are of her playing in my living room.  Hayley loves to follow me around or sleep at my feet, we spent the day in the garden yesterday and she was easy/ quiet and calm.  She’s fine with my mellow hound mix, but not needy nor does she play with him, they are in each other’s company all the time and do just fine.  She’s great on a leash, not a puller.  Please consider giving Hayley the forever home she so deserves.

Meet Darling Hayley – you can see how cute she is here w/ her run mate. - learn more about here

She’s a female, Pit Bull mix, around 35 -40 lbs, a great size!  She gets along well with other dogs, you can see in the video (even in a stressful shelter environment) and was good with a visitor’s child.  Let’s get this well deserving dog a home!

 Foster or Adoption Inquiries

Pixie – Needs a Foster or HOME!

PixiePixie smile 

Pixie IIPixiePixie III


 Sweet Pixie Girl is a pretty black and white Heeler/Am Staff mix that weighs about 50lbs. 

She is spayed, up to date on shots and chipped.

 Pixie loves being with people and does fine with other dogs (cats unknown). She enjoys some outside play time and then will find a good spot to just relax and soak up the sun – so she would like her new home to have a fenced yard. She walks fine on leash and knows some basic commands. She is a fairly strong girl so would do well with a dog savvy owner who will continue working on her basic training. Pixie is affectionate and wants a family that will spend time with her and show her love!

 Pixie’s Videos: (see black and white dog with BLUE collar)
1) Pixie with Other Dogs:

 2) Pixie in the Play Yard:

 3) Pixie Walking on Leash:

  Pixie is in Urgent Need of a Foster or Permanent home!

 Pixie’s Story…
Pixie was surrendered to an over-crowded rural shelter in Socal after her owners had her for only a few months and their older male dog did not accept her as a new family member. The shelter only gave her a few days and then she ended up on Death Row (due to lack of space). 
She was a shelter staff favorite and so we were contacted to ask our help to rescue her. 
We were able to get Pixie out just in time, but now she needs a Foster or Adopter so she can enjoy a home environment.

 Pixie is clearly happy to be alive, but she will be even happier when she can have a home and new family of her own!

If you think you could be a good match for Pixie to foster or adopt her, please contact us ASAP and include your completed Adoption Application Form.


**Note: The Application Forms can be found at:

Please copy/paste the form into an email, add your information and email it back.

 Thank you for considering to help rescue a deserving shelter dog!!