About Us

Dog Shack was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when we flew from the Bay Area to New Orleans to rescue who we still could out of abandoned houses and streets. We spent several weeks rescuing pets out of flooded homes and destroyed neighborhoods while the designated authorities were in gridlock with themselves! Many compassionate individuals from all over dropped whatever we were doing, showed up on a days notice and did what we could, in spite of ˜martial law” and fear-instilling stories.
After that experience , Dog Shack arranged for 14 dogs who almost lost their lives in shelters to get transported back here to the Bay Area where they received the veterinary care they needed and got a new lease on life in loving homes!
Now, Dog Shack provides emergency shelter and temporary foster homes for those dogs who (certainly by no fault of their own!) ended up on death row in rural north california kill shelters, and who did not get rescued by larger rescue-groups by their due dates. We are an all-volunteer group, and we do this necessary work on our on time and our own dime. We can’t turn our heads and look away when wonderful dogs are in need, so we ask you to consider adoption instead of buying your next dog, and that way these sweet dogs get a second chance!
We are counting on you to choose one of these wagging nature beings for your life-long loyal, fun, and stress-reducing companion! Or, if you are not up for the long haul, you can still have a very rewarding experience as a foster home where you can practice non-attachment and selfless love, by sharing your home and love with a furry angel temporarily while we, with your input of course, locate his or her forever home!

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