Baby Boy – Darling dog needs a home!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABaby Boy_male black pit_standing front side view_shelter    pic_Humboldt_Jan 13 2016



“Baby Boy”  is a 1 year old black pittie mix who weighs about 53 lbs, and is just a total sweetheart with a stellar personality. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped, flea free and heart worm negative.


Baby Boy’s recent past is a sad story – he ended up at a rural Norcal shelter when local Animal Control took him off to “doggie jail” for harassing a neighbor’s chickens (unfortunately his original owners allowed him too much freedom).  He was held for 5 weeks as evidence pending a court hearing and then released to the County shelter, where he was put on the Euthanasia list just 2 days later, simply due to shelter over-crowding.


Thankfully the shelter staff and volunteers could see what a great dog he is and knew he deserves his second chance. He found himself a “guardian angel” there who stepped up and got him out to emergency boarding just in time, so we could assess him and find safe haven.

Given his length of incarceration (5 weeks) without any exercise whatsoever, and then another week in boarding with only short potty break walks, his ability to roll with the punches is remarkable. We also believe that his chicken incidents were likely more due to boredom and lack of supervision, rather than high prey drive, based on initial assessment around other animals.


During his time out of the shelter, and now currently in a temporary foster home, we have found him to be a wonderful boy who would be a fine family dog and all-around companion. Baby Boy loves people and attention and the company of other dogs.  He is almost indifferent to the cats in his new foster home. He is well-mannered, respectful, attentive, cooperative, affectionate, curious, easily re-directed, and seems to be mostly house-trained.


Baby Boy loves riding in the car and settles right in to enjoy the journey, with no barking or bouncing around.  He is doing well on the leash, and will just need some work on learning to stay controlled in exciting situations (i.e. if he sees another dog, who he wants to meet and play with). He meets strangers easily and was a huge favorite at the vet clinic where he was in boarding.  His vet loves him and told us that he is a wonderful dog and we agree completely.


See Videos:

- Baby Boy’s first vet visit out of the shelter:


- Baby Boy’s first meeting with his Foster family:


We have seldom seen a very young adult dog that was so easy-going and easy to have around.

We have all fallen in love with him and want to see him in a happy forever home, where he gets the love, attention, playtime and care he deserves.


If you are interested in adopting our sweet Baby Boy, please contact us by email at:

Lovely Sophia needs a home

Sophia MHS

Sophia is a sweet young pit bull that was tied to a fence, pregnant, in Vallejo. She is about 10 months old and 40#. She is now spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative and up-to-date on vaccines, worming and flea meds. She has been in foster with me for two weeks and here is what I have learned about her!

From her foster mom:

On the plus side, Sophia is VERY smart and quick to learn. I have been clicker-training her and she learned sit, down, touch and “settle” in a matter for a few minutes! She sleeps in a crate at night without fuss and waits patiently for her name to be called to go eat when I feed her and my four dogs all in a row. She is good with other dogs, large and small (a bit of puppy rudeness but no malice.) Sophia is very energetic and very athletic- she has great structure and that combined with her quick-learning would make her a FABULOUS agility, flyball, etc. prospect. I have trained a few sport dogs and can vouch for her potential

She had shown to be afraid of men in the kennel and didn’t present well to them because of this.

On the bright side, while I have had her in foster she has not shown this behavior outside of the run. I have been working with her, making sure she has a lot of positive experiences in public places and with strangers, and she has done great in Home Depot, other hardware stores, pet stores, my friend’s shop, around the shelter in public places, etc. She definitely is more into women than men, but seems happy to greet everyone with a wagging tail, especially with my gentle encouragement. I see no indication that she will be anything but a great companion for an active person who has some dog experience and knows how to continue with her socialization and confidence building. I have fostered many, many dogs and I really like this one. She is one of those dogs that will make you look like an AMAZING trainer, she is so sharp.

If interested in Sophia contact is below:


Please send us an email to It is best to contact us via email first as the Dog Shack is run on a volunteer basis.




Good for you.. Good for our hardworking volunteers.. And especially for the dogs..

As you may know adoption fees only reimburse spay/neuter costs, surgeries and vaccinations. We also offer sliding scale fees for great adopters such as the elderly and veterans.

In 2016, this is what we would do with your hard-earned, tax deductible dollars:

They will eat well, travel to vets in style, and their dog beds are kept hygienic. Literally every dollar that is donated helps our operating expenses. No amount is too small!


Boarding Cost $300 per dog per month. Often, we need to rescue several dogs at one time. Often they are in extremely high kill southern California facilities and will always need quarantine time. Hardly ever can we find competent foster homes within a month.

The upcoming holidays are brutal with many who are ‘owner surrendered’ and many who escaped in winter storms. Facilities kill daily, solely due to overcrowding. We can rescue more if we can trickle them into our system!


We ‘accidentally’ rescued a sweet young tan bully boy, teddy, who unbeknownst to us, has a corneal dermoid birth defect in one of his eyes, which is blind. We are not a ‘medical case’ rescue (who have a medical fund ready) but a ‘safetynet rescue’ (taking the ‘leftovers’ after others take the easily adoptable ones).

The pet emergency marin ophthalmologist gave us a $2000.00 verdict on removing the entire eye, to get him more comfortable the rest of his young life. He is the best boy ever and we are so glad we saved him!


Our new ‘dogshack’, a little shed and office is under construction! With cheap labor, along with used materials and groundscores we were able to start this year. We will put pictures up when we make progress during this next year, with your help!


Our personal toyota previa and our little honda hatchback, both bit the dust this year in the line of duty of transporting many, many dogs, all over the place. We are looking for funds to go shopping for a used vehicle again like a ford connect or honda hatchback. Something economical and suited for our purposes.

Robin – Cattle Dog Mix needs home

Robin Collage
IMG_1328  IMG_1329Robin


Robin is a wonderful 50 pound, cattle dog mix, female.

She loves to sniff as you can see by the photo above.  She walks great on a leash and is good with other dogs and even puppies.  She needs a slow introduction to strangers, but once she warms up she is fine.  She is very mellow when inside and energetic and fun when outside.  She’d be a great hiking buddy and company at home when done.

Please contact us  if you are interested in Robin.

Please send us an email to It is best to contact us via email first as the Dog Shack is run on a volunteer basis. Our number as a reference is: 415-457-4544


Taco – Needs a home ASAP!

.03_TacoTaco_brindle and white male pit_Moreno_Freedom Pic  2_sitting_11-21-14Taco_brindle and white male pit_Moreno_Freedom Pic  1_leaving shelter_11-21-14Taco_brindle and white male pit_Moreno_11-21-14


Taco is a 2 year old
handsome and lovable male brindle and white Am Staff mix. He has a good sturdy
build and weighs about 75lbs. He is an all-around awesome dog who does great
with kids and other dogs (cats unknown but he showed no interest in the shelter

Taco just wants to be loved and is eager to have a family of his own that will
give him lots of attention, play time, and cuddles!

He walks well on leash, a pretty mellow boy.  A ‘dude with  truck’
would suit him well to truck around with, while at the same time we think he’d
do well with a family  with yard as well.

A country spot.. great! he wont  run away.. looooves his humans!

He is somewhat trained, communicates well,  and will do just about
anything for food!

Taco was at an over-crowded high kill Socal shelter and his time was up
right before Thanksgiving! The shelter volunteers knew he was a special boy
that deserved a second chance at life, so they contacted our rescue to help at
his final hour. We could not let him die and knew we needed to save him
before the holiday or he would have NO chance! Thankfully we were able to get
him out of the shelter and transported to Norcal into temporary boarding, just
to save his life.

Now Taco needs a loving home to call his own — either an adopter of a foster

See his sad face in his first photo that was taken while still at the shelter,
and now he is already looking happier in the other photos which were taken on
his first “Freedom Day”!!

We want to see him with a loving family ASAP that will give him a permanent
happy face!!

If you think you could be a good match for Taco to foster or adopt him, please
contact us ASAP.


Please send us an email to It is best to contact us via email first as the Dog Shack is run on a volunteer basis.

Zoe needs a home of her own!


Meet Zoe, she’s a real sweetheart, read what her former foster parent has to say about this chi mix cutie:

Zoe is a very a peaceful, loving dog, comes running when you call her name, not demanding at all and a good companion, especially for the elderly.   She is no trouble to be with and only barks once in a while.  Zoe is looking for a quiet, peaceful home and prefers no other dogs, although she wouldn’t mind another peaceful dog.  She likes to sleep under a blanket especially with her human friend.

Please contact us ASAP at: pets.katrina@gmail

**Please include a copy of your Application Form which can be found at:

**NOTE: Please copy/paste the form into your email and include your information and send back.

Little Piggy needs a home ASAP!


She’s a darling Chi mix and here’s what her former foster parent has to say about Piggy:

Piggy (Little Miss Piggy) is one heck of an entertainment center.  She has a lot of energy and loves to run around.  She loves people, loves to be held and cuddled and can happily play with kids.  She also likes to lick people, but maybe a bit too much, especially when you lie down in bed.  If you feel bothered by it,  you can gently push her away and she will know that it’s not the right time and will settle down.  She is used to going under a blanket when it’s time to go to sleep, but will wake up in an instant and alert bark if there is something moving outside.
When she needs to go to do her business, she will go to the door but if she can’t go outside she will do it by the door.   Little diapers help her to remember to only go outside.

Please contact us ASAP at: pets.katrina@gmail

**Please include a copy of your Application Form which can be found at:

**NOTE: Please copy/paste the form into your email and include your information and send back.

Thank you for considering to help us rescue another deserving shelter dog!


Darling Toby needs a Home!




Toby is a darling Chi mix – here’s what his former foster parent had to say:

Toby is a sweet, gentle, mellow fellow looking for a home that has a girlfriend around his size to play with. He likes to be cuddled and, once in a while, will let you know that he wants some loving. He likes to go on walks and is very good on leash but will let you know if he thinks your feet are too close for comfort.
If he hears you call his name he will come quickly. Toby will protect his territory by barking loudly, though he won’t bite. He likes to sleep under a blanket because he has very short hair and gets cold. Toby will do his business outside as long as he has a way out, especially early in the morning.

Please contact us ASAP at: pets.katrina@gmail

**Please include a copy of your Application Form which can be found at:

**NOTE: Please copy/paste the form into your email and include your information and send back.